Mumbai Art Fair
14 – 16 Oct 2022
Nehru Centre

Mumbai Art Fair

Mumbai Art Fair, a contemporary art fair for independent artists is to be hosted at Nehru Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 October 2022. Mumbai Art Fair is an initiative to promote different art forms – the ways of ‘Creative communications’. The main exhibition will showcase paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, ceramics etc. in the 140 booths at ground floor exhibition hall whereas poetry recitation, performing arts, musical performances etc. are to be staged in the auditorium hall adjoining to ground floor exhibition hall, discovery of India building, Nehru Centre. The contemporary artists today look for art-spaces to exhibit artworks in the metro-cities. However, mere exhibition-spaces are not sufficient in today’s art market and what artists need is a wider platform where they can build precious networks with art buyer, art galleries, fellow artists, art writers and all other constituents of the art market. Mumbai Art Fair aims to provide such versatile exhibition space in the money-spinning metro city – Mumbai where artists, art buyers, and art writers can come together, share their perspectives and address mutual needs. Mumbai Art fair is specifically designed for independent artists without gallery representation who wish sell the artworks directly to the seasoned as well as new art buyers in Mumbai. Today, typical art buyers look for artworks in the range of INR20,000 to 1,50,000. These art buyers do not always look for the signature style but enjoy refreshing new ideas by emerging and mid-career independent artists to create an inspiring ambiance around their living spaces. Nehru Centre is centralised venue close to South Mumbai art district and famous venue for many leading art events like India Art festivals.

To participate in the Mumbai art fair, please Download Application Kit