Mumbai Art Fair : 09 to 11 Oct 2020 at Nehru Centre (Ground Floor), Mumbai
Mumbai Art Fair, a specially designed art festival for artists is to be hosted at Nehru Centre, Mumbai from 09 to 11 October 2020. Mumbai Art Fair is an initiative to promote different art forms – the ways of ‘Creative communications’.
The main exhibition will showcase paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, ceramics etc. in the 140 booths at ground floor exhibition hall. The contemporary artists today look for economical art-spaces to exhibit artworks in the metro-cities. However, mere exhibition-spaces are not sufficient in today’s art market and what artists need is a wider and professional platform where they can build precious networks with art buyer, art galleries, fellow artists, art writers and all other constituents of art market. Mumbai Art Fair aims to provide such versatile exhibition space in the money-spinning metro city – Mumbai where artists, art buyers and art writers can come together, share their perspectives and address mutual needs.
Mumbai Art fair is specifically designed for independent artists without gallery representation who wish sell the artworks directly to the seasoned as well as new art buyers in Mumbai. Today, typical art buyers look for artworks in the range of INR20,000 to INR1,50,000. These art buyers do not always look for the signature style but enjoy refreshing new ideas by emerging and mid-career independent artists to create an inspiring ambiance around their living spaces.
Nehru Centre is a centralized venue close to South Mumbai art district and famous venue for many leading art events like India Art festivals.

To participate in the Mumbai art fair, please Download Application Kit

Participation charges

Rates per Running meterRs.12,700/-+ 18% GST on total amount
Rates per painting (max 36 x 36 Inches)Rs.12,700/-+ 18% GST on total amount
Total Amount for 4 panel running meter separate standRs.50,800/-+ 18% GST on total amount
Total Amount for 6 panel running meter separate standRs.76,200/-+ 18% GST on total amount

Early Bird Deadline
The participation deadline for Early bird discount is 29 February 2020
The discount for Early Bird is rupees 1,000 per running meter on total booth charges
If Artists that want to benefit by using the EARLY BIRD discount, then they must complete their application including full payment by 10 Sep 2020.

THE REGULAR DEADLINE to apply is 30 Sept 2020 with catalogue Entry and 08 Oct 2020 without Catalogue entry
For regular deadline, artists must complete their application including full payment before 10 Sept 2020, failing which they will lose any right to be included in the Mumbai Art Fair catalogue; though they can still display the artwork before making payment by 09 Oct 2020

The participation charges include the following services
Display of Artworks in the air-conditioned Octnorm (shell-scheme) booth with spotlights, entry in the Mumbai art fair catalogue, the inclusion of exhibitors name on our website and our composite advertising and marketing campaign.
One Exhibitors badge per artist, S-clamps for artwork display, 2 VIP Preview Passes for VIP Preview on October 09th, 2020
Extra VIP passes if required for guest if requested with name and address of the guests.

Submission of Art Works
Artist has to bring their artworks in person for display on 08th Oct 2020 from 12.00 noon to 6.00pm

Terms and Conditions

All participation conditions including charges with other written/verbal agreements between Artist and Mumbai Art Fair are solely between Artist and Mumbai Art Fair and considered confidential. Any breach of confidentiality will result in legal action. Artists can use Mumbai Art Fair logo or branding on any printed or online matter with prior approval from Organizer. Mumbai Art Fair is open to all the artists above 18 years of age of any Nationality, though the organizers reserve the right to allocate the space at Mumbai art Fair, and may refuse participation without stating any reason whatsoever at any stage of the art fair. The artists applying for the booth at Mumbai Art Fair agree to observe and abide by the Terms & Conditions of participation at Mumbai Art Fair. The organizers reserve the right to modify, change or issue new terms, conditions & rules of participation at MAF for efficient and the smooth functioning of art fair.
The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the participation if any of the terms & conditions are violated by the artists. In this eventuality, the booth booking amount may be forfeited in part or full by the Organisers.
The organizers GST number will be used to complete sale transaction in the Mumbai Art Fair and we charge 10% fees towards handling/debit card charges/accounting charges etc to complete the transaction using Mumbai Art Fair expertise. The participation charges paid are non-transferable.
The organizers reserve the right to alter the floor layout, the location of the allocated space and shape of the booth if circumstances demand.
The booth possession will be given on 08 Oct at 12.00 noon till 6.00pm. The display must be completed by 6.00pm on the same day. Display is not allowed on VIP preview days or on any day during the exhibition hours. All additional lighting, furniture, security and other equipment required by exhibitors, has to be taken only from the official contractors of the Mumbai Art Fair
The artists must begin to remove all exhibits and belongings after 7:00 pm on the last day and finish the packing before 10:30 on the same day.
The artists will have to abide by the general rules of the venue authority
All exhibits must fully comply with applicable health, fire and safety regulations. The organizers reserve the right to conduct a health & safety inspection once the booths are set up and display is completed. If any exhibit/installation/artwork does not meet the health & safety requirements the artists will be requested to remove the exhibit/installation or take steps to ensure that they comply with the health & safety requirements.
The organizers will provide security on a 24-hour basis, from the start of the setup day till the end of the dismantling day.
The artists must cover all the costs and risks associated with the transport, display & removal of their exhibits and goods.
Exhibitors must insure their exhibits & belongings against loss, damage, theft, fire or any other risks and third party insurance for the total duration at their own cost. While the organizers would employ adequate security and take all precautionary measures, the organizers cannot be held liable for any loss, theft or damage due to any untoward incident or natural calamities. The Exhibitors must insure their exhibits in the manner they think fit.
The Mumbai Art Fair schedule is as follows:
08 Oct 2020 – Booth Set-up from 12.00noon till 6.00pm
09 Oct 2020 – VIP Preview from 11.00am till 7.30pm
10 – 11 Oct 2020 – Public days
The organizers will be unable to provide storage facilities for packing cases, crates, boxes or other belongings of the Exhibitors. The arrangement of safe-keeping of such items must be made with the Shipping & Freight Handling Agent or should be shifted to the Exhibitor’s local storage facility. All expenses related to transport & storage with the Shipping & Freight Handling Agent would be borne by the artists.
The artists can not advertise or distribute advertising material anywhere from the Art Fair premises except at their booth. Exhibitors can’t display/ Paste name/logo of their gallery anywhere in the booth except fascia. If such names/Logos are displayed anywhere, organizers have the right to remove it without intimation to exhibitors and organizers will not be responsible for damage if any caused to artworks or other items of exhibitors due to such removals.
The Exhibitors will not be allowed to display exhibits in such a manner as to obstruct the light or impede passages or affect the displays of neighbouring Exhibitors. Any such display, if causing obstruction to smooth movement of the visitors in the passages, will be removed by the organizers. Exhibitors can’t display exhibits on the exterior walls of the booth.
The Exhibitors shall take utmost care not to damage floor or structure; the cost of damage, if any, specified by organizers/venue authority will have to be borne by the exhibitors within a week from the date of closure of the fair.
The Exhibitors shall refrain from any action that will distract visitors from attendance at the art fair during exhibiting hours. Exhibitors or any of their representatives shall not conduct themselves in a manner offensive to standards of decency or good taste at the art fair, VIP preview etc. If Exhibitor behaves in an unbecoming way, organizers reserve the right to ask the exhibitor to leave the premises and vacate the booth along with exhibits. The organizers will not pay any refund to the Exhibitor in any such cases.
The organizers will provide passage, open area lighting and spotlights in the booths but shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to failure or interruption of electrical services. The electric supply is available at 230 V single phase only. The Exhibitors will not be allowed to install any power sockets on their own for safety reasons.
The organizers and their authorized contractors can execute works, repairs or alteration anytime during the Art Festival and can enter any part of the Festival premises for such works. Except for the act of negligence on the part of organizers, no compensation will be payable to the Exhibitor for damage, loss or inconvenience thus caused. The organizers reserve the right to retain the exhibitors’ belongings if exhibitors fail to fulfill contractual obligation till all dues are settled in full.
In case Art Fair is cancelled, abandoned or suspended fully or in part due to the reason beyond the control of organisers, such as war, terrorist attacks, weather conditions, fire, natural calamities, national emergency, law & order problem, labour dispute, venue owners dispute/problems, or any other cause beyond organiser’s control, the organisers will repay the booth rent paid by the Exhibitors, after deducting all the expenses incurred on the art festival including office establishment, advertising & marketing etc right from announcement of the art fair till date.
The disputes, if any, are subject to be settled only by the law enforcement agencies under the jurisdiction of Mumbai, India.
The Exhibitors cannot cancel and the charges paid will be fully forfeited.
For Overseas Exhibitors: The artworks can be imported for Mumbai Art Fair on “ATA Carnet” (A document that allows import of goods for six months into India, without paying duties and taxes) or artworks can be imported temporarily on “Import bond supported by Bank Guarantee” that customs department accepts for clearance. The artworks can also be imported into India permanently after paying necessary duties and taxes. The official freight forwarder of IAF will provide detailed guidance and logistic support on the same. Or Artworks can also be couriered to Mumbai Art Fair office in India by paying all the courier charges and taxes if any.